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Overview of Lean Out Now™ The Retreat 
w/ Noura Salman @NouraKnowsBest

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Our 4-Day 3-Night Lean Out Now™ weekend is held from a Thursday (check-in @ 3PM) through Sunday (check-out @ 3PM) and includes everything that you need to establish the habits and routines needed to reach your goals, while having plenty of opportunities to relax, unwind, recharge, play, and pamper yourself.

The weekend consists of daily meditations, yoga, intense workouts, gourmet lunches and dinners, all snacks & refreshments, and in-depth learning sessions on the Lean Out Now™ program.

The retreat also includes two spa treatments, nutritional deficiency testing, food intolerance testing, non-food allergy testing, and a weekend goody bag valued at $300!


For more information about our retreat, including upcoming retreat weekends and available locations please call (866) 8-NEW-YOU or (866) 863- 9968

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Dock for Yoga
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Kettlebell 305 top-bottom class
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  • Educational Workshops on the Lean Out Now™ method covering:

    • Food

    • Fitness

    • Habits

    • Mindset

  • Intense Workouts

  • Yoga- outdoor 7:30AM Sunrise Yoga class

  • Meditation Sessions- AM & PM 20-min Transcendental Meditation Sessions 

  • Recess- 90 minutes of daily "playtime" to enjoy the hotel, spa, and amenities. 




  • All Superfood Beverages, Snacks & Refreshments including lemonade, nut milks, tea & coffee lattes, and health bars from SuperFreshies™

  • All Daily Gourmet Meals

  • 3-Night Hotel Stay 

  • Full-access to Hotel Spa & Amenities- including a gym, sauna, steam room, and infinity pool.

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spa robes couple
nuts for allergies
Hamam- 2 girls rub down
standard mud treatment
Glass Bottle
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duffel bag


  • Comprehensive Nutrition Testing- 3 DNA tests with detailed reporting and analysis using just a single hair sample to determine which products your body is both intolerant of and deficient in. Your personalized nutrition testing will cover:

    • 300 Food Items-​ you will be tested for half of the potential food allergy agents like wheat, dairy, meats, nuts, and glutens, and given a detailed list of all items for which you have an intolerance level of over 85% for. With a comprehensive list of 300 food products, you will be tested for everything from avocados to flax seeds to garlic to squid to yeast!

    • 300 Non-Food Items- you will be tested for non-food allergy agents like animal hairs, pollens, chemicals, and organics, and given a detailed list of all items for which you have an intolerance level of over 85% for. With a comprehensive list of 300 non-food items, you will be tested for everything from cat to honey bees to mosquitos to sycamore and oak trees!

    • Nutritional Deficiencies- you will be tested against 50 nutrients like folate to folic acid to sulfur, to determine which nutrients you have a nutritional deficiency level of under 15% for. 

  • Spa Treatments-  both a 30-minute full body scrub and 60-minute deep tissue massage​

  • Goody Bag- including all of your retreat essentials: spa robe, glass water bottle, notebook, pen, duffel bag, sleeping mask w/ ear plugs, Eucalyptus essential oil drops, daily multi-vitamins, melatonin supplements, coconut oil, face sunscreen, and body sunscreen.

*PROGRAM GUARANTEE: If you are not FULLY satisfied with the Lean Out Now™ Retreat Weekend,

we will refund your enrollment fee, less all lodging, meals, spa services, and physical goods received.

Sun, palm trees, and a warm tropical breeze (and tan!) await you

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