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Hair sample DNA testing using bioresonance technology for the following:


What you will receive:

A comprehensive report in PDF format containing the results of each type of testing (Nutritional Deficiencies, Food & Non-Food Allergies, Heavy Metal Intolerances, etc.).


The technology:

Hair sample bioresonance testing is approved worldwide including by the FDA and is now seen as a serious altnerative to blood testing. Bioresonance testing is categorized under Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) and is s a method which measures the balance or imbalance of electrical energy fields of biological systems.


Bioresonance Testing is the method of testing a body based on the “resonance” or
electromagnetic waves. Intolerance analysis using bioresonance testing equipment takes a
sample from an individual and emits waves towards the input sample. The results are
generated from the resonance of the waves feedback which will highlight a sensitivity within
the individual.


All testing is completed on a registered class 11a medical device. The same equipment is used by Chinese hospitals, the Russian Space project, over 7,000 practioners in Germany, Australia and Switzerland, and by professional sports and Olympic teams.


The value:

Each of the DNA Tests included in this package usually cost anywhere from $400- 500 each. This package worth well over $2,000  is yours for this extremely accessbile price, due to the strong relationship that we have with the third-party provider and the large volume of DNA Testing packages that we sell.

DNA TESTING- Nutritional Deficiencies, Food & Non-food Allergies, Heavy Metals

$500.00 Regular Price
$295.00Sale Price
  • Unfortunately, we do not provide any refund for this product, as we are using a Third Party to administer these tests.

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for the e-mail delivery of your DNA testing package results.

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