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From Washington, DC

 A burnt-out cpa 



It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm Noura Salman, also known as @NouraKnowsBest!

In my past life, I was a burn-out CPA practicing for over 10 years in the Washington, DC area. And while I had a successful consulting practice and almost 2 million dollars in residential real estate that I both solely owned and operated, I was sick and tired of constantly feeling sick and tired.

Like many, I was living a both draining and sedentary life of working 10-12 hour workdays shackled to a desk where I'd eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'd spent 1-2 hours of driving/sitting in traffic and 1-2 hours of watching TV on the couch to decompress. Most days, I wouldn't even log more than what a FitBit can now count as 5,000 steps a day!

So what did I do? I became a marathon runner, of course! And thus began the vicious cycle of long runs, 2-hour workouts, and intense water cleanses, to offset and cope with my sedentary lifestyle, stress, and emotional eating. 

As the years went by, in this way of life, food quickly became my greatest source of both pleasure and pain. It provided me with so much comfort during stressful and lonely times, yet so much anxiety and guilt because I wasn't exerting enough to keep up with it. 

After years of this draining and vicious cycle, I moved to Miami Beach, FL to fully immerse myself in the Mecca of beautiful people and bodies to make it my priority and full focus to finally figure out the "secrets" to restore my health and wellness. I was on a mission to lean out my body but my mind, emotions, and spirit, as well. 

So I spent the time, money, resources, and energy needed to meet with world-renowned medical doctors, leading PhDs in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, top nutritionists, health coaches, athletes, personal trainers, fitness professionals, physical therapists, yogis, spiritual leaders, and other experts in the field of health and wellness to learn how to modify our daily eating, workouts, habits, and mindset in the most efficient, effective, enjoyable, and maintainable manner.

Flash forward four years, after successfully helping a number individuals achieve their own health and wellness goals, I created and trademarked my weight loss and lifestyle program LeanOutNow™ 

Through the simple spread of word-of-mouth and shared success stories, I now I help people all around the world through both one-on-one and group coaching, both on-site and virtually, with a desire to lean out NOW and finally regain the happiness, health, and wellness that they deserve! For more information on my coaching, please take a look at my offerings here: WEIGHT LOSS COACHING

In addition to my coaching, I hold a number of group weekend retreats @The Standard Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach, FL. For more information on my weekend retreats, please take a look at my offerings here: WEIGHT LOSS RETREATS

Are you ready for THE NEW YOU?

I look forward to working with you!

Wishing you health, wellness,
and happiness,

Noura Salman @NouraKnowsBest

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